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EPiC FUEL offers great rewards for promotional partners including cash commission, reduced prices for you, discount codes for your followers/clients/customers and more.

How Does It Work?

Once approved you’ll receive access to several tools to help you generate and track traffic sent to the EPiC website. Sharing your specific personal hyperlinks through your channels makes it possible to monitor all the traffic, customers and sales generated by your online efforts. Whenever you help generate a sale, you’re rewarded by cash commission – paid out monthly. The amount of commission varies depending on your affiliate level and the the products sold ranging from 10% to 25% of pre-shipping basket totals.

Get started!

Fill in the form below to start your application. Once approved you’ll have access to our online promotional tools, and resources and we’ll start tracking your progress. Remember to let us know in detail how you’re planning on promoting your links – let us know about your social media channels, website, or personal network that will help you generate traffic. 
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