EPiC Protein Blend


Epic protein blend delivers an 80% protein hit with low carbs for optimum weight controll and muscle building support.

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EPiC Protein Blend provides your body with EPiC recovery powers. With integrated Amino Acids and a strong 24g boost of impact protein per serving, your body will repair itself faster! Feel re-energised and powerful again, ready for your next high-energy session.

With only 117 calories per serving and only 2.5g Carbs, you can keep on-target with your calorie-goals while promoting EPiC gains. Enjoy Protein Blend as a post-workout recovery drink or supplement at any time during the day. This shake is ideal in supporting lean muscle programs and a balanced nutritional diet.

EPiC Fuel Protein Blend:

  • 80% Protein (24g per serving)
  • EPiC recovery through increased muscle synthesis
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates so can be used as part of a weight control regiment
  • Hight quality raw ingredients

Suggested Use:
For recovery and muscle gainer: Mix 1 scoop (Approx. 30g) with 200ml of water or milk. Consume one shake on rest days and two shakes on the days you seek your EPiC gains.

As a meal replacement: blend 1 scoop with 200ml of water/milk and your choice of carbohydrate.


Nutritional AnalysisPer ServingPer 100g
of which Saturates0.03g0.1g
of which Sugars1.7g5.6g




Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream




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